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Standing Ovation Music Management and Promotion was set up in 2009 to change the way live music is marketed , promoted and also to encourage new and existing talent to reach their fullest potential. Let's be honest - there are many amazing Vocalists and Musicians out there - all of whom have the potential ability to perform a live show and/or record material.
What Artists often find difficult is in marketing themselves.  We have the marketing expertise and experience and know how to make it happen. Entertainment is the ultimate people business, and people buy people.  Success in this industry is 10% talent and 90% marketing.  Look at "POP Idol"  "X Factor" and "Britain's Got Talent", without these kinds of shows, Worldwide Stars like Susan Boyle, Paul Potts, Leona Lewis, Will Young and Alexandra Burke  would have struggled to make it.  So being talented isn't enough - you need the marketing, exposure and support too.
We offer talented artists a unique subscription based service that sets us apart from traditional Management and Promotion Companies in that we offer a powerful team of Marketing and PR Experts as well as Songwriting and Production skills as part of a package that will ensure that your career takes off and develops from the word go.
By Mark Sapsford, CEO and Co-founder.
About our CEO
Mark Sapsford is a talented Lyricist and Writer and has written or co written numerous  songs.
2 Semi final places in the UK songwriting Contest 2009, and this year 4 of Mark's songs were entered into the highly prestigious UK Songwriting Contest and all received commendations from the judging panel which contained some amazing names from the world of Music and Entertainment.
He wrote the lyrics for the song 'Every Little Helps' which was written for the Charity Walking to Happiness' reached the semi-final stages.
Mark has written many songs for Charities including the Haiti disaster appeal.
Antony Wolfson, Co-founder, Show Producer and Performer
"For me, Standing Ovation is the opportunity to perform with the most incredibly talented people on the biggest stages.  In the short time that Mark and I have created the business we have worked with and performed at places and with people I wouldn't have dreamed possible".
" Every day it gets more and more exciting with bigger shows and the most beautiful music.  I am privileged to work with the people we do and share live music with our audiences."
Antony has an amazing voice and his Music has been described as 'Simply Brilliant' by many respected insiders within the Music Industry.
His musical influences include the great Elvis Presley and Neil Diamond and Antony's first original song 'As Long As I' was a number 1 hit in the Worldwide Soundclick Charts earlier this year.
Roberto Danova- Composer & Producer, Plaza Records Ltd
Born at Lake Maggiore in Northern Italy, Roberto's fascination with music and drama began at an early age. His singing and drama talent evolved during his studies, though his main passion was composing. He drew his inspirations from real life events and observations - translating these impressions and emotions into melodies and words. Naturally, Italian opera and popular tunes of the time were of great and lasting influence too.
In the early seventies, Roberto turned professional, after being offered the position of lead singer in a group, which led to a contract with an Italian recording and publishing company. However, Roberto's ambition was to make his mark as a composer internationally, and he subsequently came to London to work as an in-house composer/producer/arranger with a record/publishing company.
During the seventies, eighties and nineties he wrote for - or produced - Mungo Jerry, Geordie, Showaddywaddy, AC/DC, Kelly Marie, Joe Dolan (who was hugely successful on the Continent, South Africa, South America and Australia with Robertos compositions). Many of his compositions were covered by - Tom Jones, Engelbert Humperdinck, Barbara Mandrell, James Darren, The Drifters, Ronnie Milsap as well as over 20 Continental singers. Roberto has played an important role in the early stage careers of many artists, among them Shona Laing, Nancy Nova and Johnny Logan (3 times Eurovision winner). Other Irish singers who he produced with his songs include Brendan Shine, Linda Martin, Dickie Rock, Anne Breen and Sean ODowd.
And the rest of the Team...
Mick Hutchings - Musical Director
Mick has been in the music industry for many years and is an extremely talented guitarist. His band Covered in Ska's is currently touring extensively in London and the South East.
He is an amazingly talented composer and producer and when he's not working with us or performing with his band Mick teaches to numerous students hoping to become as talented as the great man himself. He is a master of putting together great musical sets for our artists at shows we have performed at and really has a great feel for a venue and the type of audience it will attract. 
Paul Manzi - Artist Development Director
As Paul's profile states on our Member Artist page, Paul found his incredible vocal talent at the somewhat tender age of 23
He is also an accomplished guitarist and his acoustic set with Musical Director Mick Hutchings (above) has won many plaudits around the country.
He has also performed league vocals on the hit Rock Musicals Phantasmagoria and Space Family Robinson. Paul is an extremely versatile performer who is capable of singing Soulful classics as well as head thumping Rock anthems. As Artistic Development Director Paul has a good instinct for talent and teaches regularly in London.
Open Doors
Maurice Flynn is the talent behind our Associate Marketing specialists Open Doors. Maurice's experience is invaluable to us at Standing Ovation and we are lucky to have such talent at our disposal.
Maurice's Marketing skills and Social Media expertise compliment the work of our Media and Pr Director Ian Erridge perfectly.
For further information about Open Doors visit
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