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Traditionally, the music industry has created artists using large marketing spends. 
In today's digital world, the marketing landscape is very different - social media and user content has meant that independent artists are able to get their music heard cost effectively and relatively easily. 
However, for those same artists to break through into the big league, they have traditionally still needed large marketing spends as well as the right contacts.
Standing Ovation work differently. 
We deeply understand social digital marketing and follow music trends to ensure that - firstly, the market is receptive to our artists and, secondly, that we market our artists intelligently across all on-line media.
Targeting the right people with the right message at the right time.
We also have the connections and contacts and we make the most from every marketing opportunity. We only use media that we can analyse to ensure that every pound spent is as effective as it can be.
Standing Ovation operate as a collective, where appropriate, on the basis that together we are stronger - using our own networks to generate opportunities that we all benefit from.  We have relationships with:
  • Composers & lyricists
  • Television companies
  • Radio
  • Booking agencies
  • Record labels
  • Marketers
  • Brands
  • Producers & directors
  • Experienced well-known performers
As one of our artists you be marketed on-line, pitched to our network of contacts and you will perform at music events. We will manage your brand, offer coaching opportunities, get you performing and manage the origination of new music for you. 
We offer a low-cost subscription when we find artists that we believe we can manage, help develop and place in top performing venues - subject to passing our audition process.
Subscribing with us gives you great opportunities such as exposure to Radio, TV and top London performing platforms. As well as marketing on and off-line we can offer you the benefits below;
  • An invite to all events and networking opportunities
  • Opportunities to guest perform at key events
  • Access to songwriting contacts and the BCC network
  • Advice on all aspects of performing including expert advice and tutorship at discount rates
  • Access to Standing Ovation recording and production facilities
     Plus much more...
All this costs just £25 per month - this is value for money that cannot
be beaten.
So to see your career really take off, become a member of the Standing Ovation team by clicking here
We do not tie any act into any contract or take any rights from the performer.
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